Professional Internet

Business customers with speed bandwidth needs can inquire with us about direct fiber internet connections. With download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps, we can build fiber to your business in town and offer you the fastest speeds available. If your business requires high bandwidth upload speeds for off-site data back-ups, remote video surveillance viewing or branch location VPN access we can help by providing direct fiber internet access. Call for availability, pricing and construction quotes at 800-287-8495.

Ethernet Transport

We can provide your business direct fiber Ethernet access between locations in our service area or to other locations in Kansas or the US. We currently provide Ethernet access to cell towers and other large application customers in our footprint. If you are looking to tie your business locations together without a VPN we can help with our fiber Ethernet access. Call for availability, pricing and construction quotes at 800-287-8495.

Entertain Your Customers

Cunningham Communications offers advanced TV services to 12 communities in North Central Kansas; Glen Elder, Cawker City, Downs, Jewell, Mankato, Randall, Formoso, Scandia, Belleville, Jamestown, Concordia and Beloit. Offering a world of entertainment via fiber optics and coax, our customers can enjoy traditional cable TV, digital TV, crystal-clear Hi-Def programming, DVR, on-screen TV guides, digital music, free local community channels, and one of the largest varieties of local broadcast programming in Kansas.

VOIP & Multiline Calling

Providing telephone service since 1944, Cunningham’s is very familiar with providing all of your telecom needs and the quality of service you’ve come to expect. Offering high-end business telephone service including long distance. Our core soft-switch and extensive fiber optic network help provide the most advanced telephone network in North Central Kansas.

PRI Service

With 23 available lines to use and many times more DID numbers available, large businesses have found great cost savings and useful features with our fiber PRI telephone service. CallerID is available on all lines and existing number blocks can be ported to our telephone service so you can keep your same numbers. If you are a business with a dozen or more phone lines we can help with our fiber PRI telephone service.

Key Systems

We offer professional installation of telephone key systems for small and medium sized businesses. We install key systems as small as two stations and up to approximately 100 stations. Voicemail options are available. We also have key systems with IP capabilities for work-from-home or branch office configurations. If you are looking at replacing your key system or a new business looking to add a key system, call us today. We will meet with you and provide a free quote on a solution to meet your needs.

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