Fast & Reliable Internet

Cunningham’s has been a leader in providing broadband internet service. We were one of the first providers in North Central Kansas to offer high speed internet and have continued to invest heavily in broadband infrastructure for our customers. Our cable systems provide the latest Docsis3.0 broadband internet via cable modems and our rural Cunningham Telephone customers have been built with fiber-to-the-home. These two networks give us tremendous capabilities to provide quality service now and in the future.

Over 200 channels available!

Cunningham Communications offers advanced TV services to 12 communities in North Central Kansas; Glen Elder, Cawker City, Downs, Jewell, Mankato, Randall, Formoso, Scandia, Belleville, Jamestown, Concordia and Beloit. Offering a world of entertainment via fiber optics and coax, our customers can enjoy traditional cable TV, digital TV, crystal-clear Hi-Def programming, DVR, on-screen TV guides, digital music, free local community channels, and one of the largest varieties of local broadcast programming in Kansas.

TV Now

Cunningham TV Now is a streaming TV service available exclusively to Cunningham internet customers. All the channels you expect from regular TV service streamed to your internet devices so you can watch what you want, when you want, how you want and where you want in your home!

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Reliable telephone service that still exists!

Providing telephone service since 1944, Cunningham’s is very familiar with providing all of your telecom needs and the quality of service you’ve come to expect. Offering Residential telephone including long distance. Our core soft-switch and extensive fiber optic network help provide the most advanced telephone network in North Central Kansas.

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