Synergy Whole Home DVR

Until now, using multiple services from Cunningham Telephone & Cable meant having multiple pieces of our equipment around the house. To simplify things — as well as enhance your experience — we are introducing the Synergy Whole Home DVR System. This new piece of equipment will replace all the other Cunningham equipment you have in your home now. Which means the Synergy Whole Home DVR System functions not only as a HD/DVR but also as an Internet modem, wireless router, and phone modem. It’s one piece of equipment that’s one total home gateway to services including:

  • A DVR that lets you record programs and watch them on any TV in your home
  • High Definition Channels
  • High Speed Internet
  • Award-winning Moxi onscreen TV guide
  • Telephone Service (not available in all service areas)
  • Wireless N Wi-Fi for a faster, more reliable home network

The Synergy Whole Home DVR System is available in the Cunningham cable TV area for $18.98 per month, which replaces your current DVR charges. That price includes the main gateway box and a player box for one TV.  Additional player boxes for other TVs are $4.99 per month.

Synergy Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Synergy 73pg. Manual (PDF)


Telephone Support

Glen Elder
(785) 545-3215
1 (800) 287-8495

(785) 527-2226

(785) 243-4068

(785) 534-1111

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