Almost $10,000 in bill credits from 5 for $5 promotion

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Cunningham Telephone & Cable continued its ‘5 for $5’ holiday promotion to help fill our local food pantries around the holidays. With the promotion, Cunningham customers can bring in 5 food items and receive $5off their Cunningham bill for up to a maximum $15 credit. This year’s ‘5 for $5’ promotion ran from October 15th to December 15th. During that time, Cunningham’s received over 3,375 food items and gave its customers $3,375 in credit off their bills. The food items will be delivered to the Mitchell County Food Pantry, Cloud County Resource Center, Food Bank in Belleville, Downs Food Pantry and Jewell County Food Pantry. Over the last 3 years Cunningham customers have donated over 10,000 food items to the food pantry program and their customers received close to $10,000 in bill credits. Cunningham Telephone & Cable wants to thank all our donating customers who participated in such a great cause.